Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life, Youth & Success - Harry Gaze [ebook]

Constructive Psychology from A to Z - An Alphabet of Affimation.


The Absolute is divine, perfect, unchanging Being. It is the Supreme Reality of the Universe. It is Almighty God. It is Infinite Life, Love and Wisdom. It is the same "yesterday, to-day and forever." The most majestic thought ever conceived by man is that when our minds dwell on the
thought of the Absolute perfection as Life, Love, Truth, Joy, Wisdom and Beauty, and we realize our unfailing oneness with this Power in the Reality of being, that these principles are expressed in our lives. We awaken to find, therefore, that we are eternally living, loving, truthful, joyous and wise beings.


Abundance is the divinely natural order of life, for life is super-abundant. We live in a rich and opulent universe, and through our full attunement with the realm of reality, we will unfailingly express abundance. Thinking abundance, we will live the abundant life in all respects. This is the Christ message to mankind. The Truth comes "that ye might have life, and that ye might have it more abundantly." The foundation of an assured abundance is a firm understanding of the essential Reality of abundance, so that the entire being is permeated with the magnetic and
radiating power of this true conviction.

Harry Gaze


Life, Youth & Success - Hary Gaze [PDF]

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